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Plexus is a health and happiness company leading gut health industry.

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Parkour Athletes Don’t Make Enough Money

I started watching a video recently of the awesome series put out by TranquilMVMT which puts on JumpFest in Colorado.  This series details some of the hardships of

Scientific Research on Probiotics That Help You Lose Weight

I have the profound privilege of being a twin.  I listened to this study recently about nature vs nurture basically when it comes to your MicroBiome.  In this

Probiotics Linked to Helping Depression

I was reading an article today and it really caught me off guard with a number of research facts that it had. The pilot study involved 44 adults

Energy Drinks Could Have Killed Me

I want to share the amazing products that helped me Check out Plexus Here!  Here is some information about the teen that I mentioned in the article  

Do You Have Low Hormone Levels

There are 6 main hormones that cause symptoms when they’re imbalanced. These include estrogen, progesterone, testosterone (these first 3 are your sex hormones), cortisol (your stress hormone), thyroid

Banish Belly Fat 7 Ways

I came across this article and thought how simple of an explanation is this?  Can it really be true?  One of these is making sure the right nutrition