I was reading an article today that made me think about athletes health.  Now, could you imagine an ankle injury slowing down an athlete?  Of course!  However, what if your gut flora, your stomach health was keeping you from performing your job as an athlete as well.  This article I read said:

Performance issues of poor gut health: (original article link)

  • The immune system is compromised from insufficient interferons (protein precursors that fight off pathogens). Interferons love probiotics and a healthy gut environment. There is a greater chance of us catching a cold with a sick gut because the interferons will not thrive without a healthy gut microbiome.

  • When inflammation occurs in the body, a stressed immune system will struggle to strengthening the area. The chances for injury start to increase if we keep reusing the same muscles, but aren’t able to repair them at the same rate.

  • Digestion is slowed, stopped or sped up, depending on our system. Blood flow and body heat are moved away from the digestive organs during training and won’t necessarily resume properly after training is finished if our gut health is less than ideal.

  • If we have poor digestion, nutrients from food and supplements won’t be properly processed, used or stored.If this trend continues, missing the physical goals we set for ourselves can affect our confidence and overall mood.

You can imagine how these things could slow down an athlete.  This is why I think all athletes should be taking a probiotic to help with sports performance.  If you want to know more on how to help your gut flora, listen to the video below, and click on the link below the video.