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Download App This App And Get Free Money – No Joke

There are not many times that you can get money for doing nothing, but this is one of those things!  I promise.  Its just crazy what type of money you can get from downloading this

Change All Urls on Website

Have you ever copied or cloned a website before? Well, after you have done that, you are sitting there wondering, HOW AM I GOING TO FIX ALL THE LINKS? Well, with this amazing plugin, you

Put Websites on Your Home Screen

There are some sites out there that you just visit often.  Maybe it's a blog, or maybe its a youtube video. It's always frustrating when the site does not have their own app.  Today, I

Free Money in Your Bank Account

I could not believe how easy this was to do.  It took me about 5 mins of work and I had about $70 in my account. I don't know if many of you guys have

Everyday Money Saving Tricks

I am always trying to find ways to save a bit more money, and it's that time of the year that I need to save just a bit more to bring some additional cheer to

Super Easy Egg Muffin Recipe

Check out this super easy egg muffin recipe that I create just for you guys! I decided to put it to the test and put it on video.  Trust me even the kiddo likes it!

Does Facebook Most Recent Exits?

I will go on record to say, every time I jumped on the Facebook app, I would scroll over to those wonderful three little lines and click most recent ... PHEW... My life would be wonderful

Everything You Need To Know About Election Day

First things first, just vote! Don't know why/where/how I cite some really good reasons below with some a video from me and a some more sprinkled info sprinkled in. When/Where/How VOTING Alright, it's election time and

Google Nearby Is Dead and Here Is What Is Next

Context> What is Google Nearby? The very small shock heard round the world. Actually, Google Nearby dying probably was not much of a shock to enough people, but I was shocked.  I had been working on Google

Pro Athlete and Plexus

THIS STORY SOUNDS JUST LIKE MINE, FROM A PRO SKIMBOARDER! PLEASE READ. "Plexus is for everyone! Even guys like pro skimboarder, Justin Boisclair... "Ok, all. So I'm taking another new path in life, not only