Let’s be honest, we do not always want to change what we eat, and sometimes it’s great treating ourselves.  So when it comes to treating yourself and not gorging down on bad food each day (I have my weeks though).  You should check out BLOCK.

First, it blocks the absorption of sugars and carbs up to 48% WITHOUT blocking the beneficial nutrients of the food we eat. #ForREAL Block also is a great glucose regulator, as well! It helps to neutralize enzymes that convert sugar and carbs into fat and promotes healthy glucose levels.

Only 3 natural ingredients…

  1. Chromium = glucose regulator that helps with muscle recovery
  2. Brown Seaweed Blend = great source of iodine
  3. White Kidney Bean Extract = inhibits the digestion of starches, helps you feel fuller faster

Plexus is changing lives, because it is not a diet fad… it is a lifestyle change. All natural supplements that balance your glucose levels and improve your gut health. I have lost 100 pounds and over 6 dress sizes but best of all, I am doing something that I love… helping others take charge of their health. The blessings are tremendous and I have a new lease on life! I take plexus products and Block.”
-Katie Harbach

Can you believe that it also helps with quitting smoking?

I just have to share an awesome success story! I have recently been approached by a few on plexus and quitting smoking. Theres a couple small mentions of people who say Block has helped with cravings and changes the taste. So we’ve given it a try, I have 2 clients taking block for smoking. One is on Slim and block- their smoking has decreased a ton, 1 pack per day down to 1 every 2-3days. The other- taking only block and has been COMPLETELY CIGARETTE FREE for 11 days!!! I cant believe how awesome this is!!!
-Amanda Joyce Dailey-Hansen,