First things first, just vote! Don’t know why/where/how I cite some really good reasons below with some a video from me and a some more sprinkled info sprinkled in.

When/Where/How VOTING

Alright, it’s election time and you have to vote, seriously if you don’t vote you are kinda a tool.  Check out this amazing tool over at voting It tells you everything about:

  • What you NEED to vote.
  • What you need to bring to your voting station.
  • How to find voting stations
  • Sample Ballots
  • Check your voter Status

REMEMBER!  You are not just voting for senators here, you are voting in local elections too.  Everything from city, to state propositions.  We have mayors up for election as well as governors.  Very important.

Not sure how to vote?  Well, a lot of the information is below that will help you learn. Something else that you can do if you are kind of PARTISAN is just go to your state Republican or Democratic website.  They will tell you EXACTLY HOW to vote and what to vote on!

Statistics Sites

Here are some pretty amazing sits that help you understand where things are headed and where things are now.  These websites have everything you need to be informed about this election.


Online Coverage of 2018 Midterm Elections – Watch Live

  • Major News Casts

    • CNN – FOX – NBC (Just visit their websites)
  • Opinion Right Leaning

    • (They said they would have a live coverage event)
  • Opinion Left Leaning


Why People Are Finding This Important

YES, THIS IS IMPORTANT.  Here is a video that I found pretty helpful that breaks down a lot of information.  I found this at the end of my research.

House Of Representative Seats Up For Grab

Screenshots from

Senate Seats Up For Grab

Screenshots from


Governorships Up For Grab

Screenshots from


If I have not made it clear, THIS IS IMPORTANT.  If I missed something, let me know!  I might even do some coverage on the day of the election.  You can check me out on Instagram for live updates and information.


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