I lost this weight in 6 weeks.

STATS: 1.66 lbs a week, 0.42 lbs a day, 1470 calories a day.

So I tell you, I did not cut 1470 calories a day with diet or exercise. I did exercise a little more and I did eat a little better. If I had done it on that alone I would have had to cut 780 calories of food a day and the equivalent of a 1.5-hour bike ride every day. I know what actually helped me more than anything was … PLEXUS SLIM.
I had never been more overweight than what I was on March 1st of this year I did not fit in most of my pants. You may not know this, but I walked around without my pants buttoned! I weighed 197lbs and was so close to 200lbs. It scared me beyond belief. I had to do something about it. I decided to take a pink drink to get off energy drinks. And I decided to change my diet to lose weight, however, what I got in return was WEIGHTLOSS and ENERGY and HEALTH.
I believe in Plexus and I believe in making myself healthy through using these products. I am 100% convinced. I posted pictures, but can you really see the difference. It’s subtle, but oh my goodness, it’s how I feel, it’s the inches that I have taken off that’s hard to tell! I lost a full inch off my waist size and my face has become less swollen. Weight loss not just about look, its how you feel. I know the next 10 will really change the way I look, however. I am lucky to have a business that makes me feel better and look better all while making me money.
Now, it’s time to loose 10 more lbs. Catch me outside in June with my new beach bod!