Even though these are listed as some of Plexus’ weight management products, many who aren’t looking for weight loss use these. Accelerator and Boost are companion products to Slim and are meant to work synergistically with it. You cannot take both Accelerator and Boost at the same time, but you can take Block with any other Plexus product.

Plexus Accelerator:
• For people who don’t work out regularly
• For people who want the mood enhancer
• Helps get people past weight loss plateaus
• Helps accelerate your metabolism
* Do not take this product with Boost



Plexus Boost:
• For more active people
• Thermogenic
• Pre-workout product
• Helps boost metabolism
* Do not take this product with Accelerator



Plexus Block:
• Blocks up to 48% of carbs and sugars from being absorbed and slows the conversion of glucose to fat.
*Block can be taken with any other Plexus product