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Increasing health and gaining energy is vital to a happy life.

Below are some articles that concentrate on healthy options in maintaining and losing weight while increasing your energy!

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Scientific Research on Probiotics That Help You Lose Weight

I have the profound privilege of being a twin.  I listened to this study recently about nature vs nurture basically when it comes to your MicroBiome.  In this

Do You Have Low Hormone Levels

There are 6 main hormones that cause symptoms when they’re imbalanced. These include estrogen, progesterone, testosterone (these first 3 are your sex hormones), cortisol (your stress hormone), thyroid

Banish Belly Fat 7 Ways

I came across this article and thought how simple of an explanation is this?  Can it really be true?  One of these is making sure the right nutrition

Accelerate Boost and Block Your Way To A New You

Even though these are listed as some of Plexus' weight management products, many who aren't looking for weight loss use these. Accelerator and Boost are companion products to

Kathy Luker Explains How Triplex Helped Her With Her Test Result

Triplex is such an amazing product, I wanted to share some of the amazing testimonies that people have for losing weight.  This one is backed up by measurable

New Slim with Prebiotics

Slim for years has been Plexus' go-to drink for amazing benefits for countless people!  But it's recently been reformulated for the better!  It has been supercharged with prebiotics